Denial of Antebellum Pointe stands

Needing eight votes to overturn the Planning Commission’s March 11 denial of Antebellum Pointe’s subdivision preliminary plat, Monday’s vote by the Planning Commission Appeals Board was 6-4 and the plat is denied.   The Board is comprised of 11 Ascension Council members, one of whom (first-term Councilman Joel Robert) was not present.  Three council newcomers (Chase […]

Mayor Lambert responds to parish councilman’s plea to drop lawsuit against EA Drainage

After reading Councilman Robert’s opinions posted on the Pelican Post’s website, I feel it is necessary to address his request for the Town of Sorrento to dismiss its lawsuit against the East Ascension Gravity Drainage District No. 1. The District cannot resume projects that have never begun.  That being said, there is nothing preventing the […]

Harold Stewart running on accomplishments in Division C-Gonzales Council election

Harold Stewart has qualified for reelection to the Division C, Gonzales City Council seat which he has occupied since besting two opponents in the March 28, 2015 Special Election.  Stewart, a small business owner in Gonzales whose barber shop has long been a gathering place for many citizens, was active in the SaveGonzales movement to recall two […]

Joel Robert urges Sorrento to dismiss drainage lawsuit, resume projects

Like each of my colleagues on East Ascension Drainage Board, as well as President Clint Cointment’s administration, the news of Sorrento’s legal action against the Board caught me by total surprise.  As Sorrento’s representative on Ascension’s Parish Council, which comes with additional duties as a commissioner on EA Drainage, I would have expected some notice […]

Mayor Mike Lambert and Town of Sorrento sue East Ascension Drainage Board

The contentious relationship between the Town of Sorrento and East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District No. 1 (commonly referred to as EA Drainage District) is one of long-standing.  Cash-strapped, Sorrento elected officials have pleaded with the Board, and successive parish presidential administrations, to provide relief.  Unsatisfied, Mayor Mike Lambert filed a lawsuit against EA Drainage […]

Transportation Impact Fee collection to remain at 70% after 6-5 Parish Council vote

On April 7, 2016 a unanimous Ascension Council adopted its Transportation Impact Fee, a decade after the nearly identical legislation fell one vote shy of garnering the necessary super-majority.  Ten years without collecting the fee, imposed on every new construction in the parish, some guesstimates put the uncollected revenue amount at $20 million dedicated to mitigate […]

West bank councilmen question suspension of work on PUA water system

When a previous Ascension Parish Council approved $5.9 million to purchase the dilapidated (some of its pipes had been in the ground nearly a century) Peoples Water Company there were more than a few critics in the public.  The sale was completed in September of 2016, five months after then Utilities Committee chairman, former Councilman […]

Sewer negotiations at standstill, Cointment should focus on drainage

Six months ago today Parish President Clint Cointment and six new council members were sworn into office for the first time, joining five council incumbents.  As with any new administration there was a settling in period, lengthened in his case when his predecessor denied access to Cointment’s Transition Team.   Half-a-year in and little attention has […]

Cody Martin announces candidacy for Judge

Saying that he has “The necessary wide-ranging legal experience you want and need in a judge,” Cody Martin announced that he is a candidate for the Division B seat as judge in the 23rd Judicial District, comprised of Ascension, Assumption and St James Parishes. The election will fill the position currently held by The Honorable […]

Ernst & Young’s comparative analysis of sewer plans removed from Council agenda

Ascension Parish Council’s Tuesday agenda included a Resolution ­ to retain the firm of Ernst & Young to analyze and compare sewer plans (Chairwoman Teri Casso).  The item had been added after President Clint Cointment challenged “certain council members” for “intentional sabotage (and) manipulating the process in favor” of Bernhard Capital Partners which authored one of […]