Is the Council or Planning Commission responsible for adopting new Master Plan?

50, or is it 60,000 people are coming to Ascension Parish in the next 25 years whether you like it or not according to Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) Director of Planning Janet Tharp.  Where those new residents are going to live, how jam-packed into Residential Neighborhoods, Estate Subdivisions, or Neighborhood Hubs allowing an unspecified […]

WWII Veteran Lucius Forsyth Jr. Honorary Sheriff for the month of May

Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre awarded Lucius Forsyth, an Honorary Sheriff Proclamation on Wednesday, May 1. Mr. Lucius Forsyth Jr. was born on March 14, 1925 and grew up in Paulina, Louisiana. He served as a U.S. Navy Seaman who served aboard the USS Saratoga in support of the Marines at the Battle of Iwo […]

10% of Ascension employees paid more than parish law allows (and there’s more of them)

On March 27, pursuant to a records request, Ascension Parish produced an Employee Master Roster listing 743 names, which would be an 82% increase during President Kenny Matassa’s tenure if the list were accurate.  Excluding 228 “Sports Officials” at $5954 per, that leaves 515 total employees; still an outrageous increase in manpower of 28% under […]

Clouatre out, Chase Melancon staying the course

Three-term parish councilman Randy Clouatre having announced he will not seek reelection to his District 6, St. Amant-based seat, little has changed for candidate Chase Melancon. “The issues confronting the residents of District 6, and all of Ascension really, remain unsolved,” Melancon, taking a brief respite from knocking on doors, said on Saturday.  “I urge […]

How did (arbitrary) 3′ cap on residential fill material come about?

As Ascension’s Council is set to consider capping fill material on every construction project at three feet, nobody seems to know how that number came about.  Currently the operative ordinance (Section 17-507) limits fill to three feet on lots smaller than 1/2 an acre, allowing more fill on larger lots, commercial development, major/minor subdivisions only […]

Victim of “assault rifle” shares his story and perspective

The worst and most defining moment of my life It has been almost 17 years, but it seems like yesterday.  That may sound like a cliché, but if a tragic event has ever happened to you, then you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.  I’ve been waiting for a long time to talk about this.  […]

SSA’s Slaughter hosting fundraiser to pay off Matassa’s legal bills

Her company having pocketed over $275,000 of Ascension taxpayer money in return for dubious (if any) value, it makes perfect sense that SSA Consultants’ Cristel Slaughter is returning the favor.  The invitation below is to a fundraiser to pay off Kenny Matassa’s legal bills incurred to fend off a felony bribery charge.  Since Slaughter and […]

Matassa to sue insurance agent; taxpayers on hook for $100,000 deductible if successful

Concerning reimbursement of President Kenny Matassa’s criminal legal fees it seems the prescriptive period (statute of limitations for every American not residing in Louisiana) expired before he filed a claim against Ascension’s Public Entity insurance provider.  Thus, Berkley Insurance is off the hook for the $235,000 paid to Matassa’s criminal defense lawyer.  So, with Councilman […]

Robbie Gautreaux promoted to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

I have trained at Gracie United under Robbie Gautreaux for the past 6 years. (Currently I am a purple belt). My whole family of 5 trains. Sunday, our Black belts, Rafael Ellwanger  and Jucao (Jucao flew in from New York) came for a seminar and surprised us by promoting Robbie to his black belt. This […]

Lawler spearheads effort to reimburse Matassa legal fees: $235,000

On March 21 Ascension’s Council emerged from Executive Session having discussed Agenda Item; Parish of Ascension v Berkley Insurance Company, written demand (Legal Counsel).  Berkley Insurance is the parish’s Public Entity provider in return for a $236,450 annual premium.  While none of the Council participants is talking, the closed door session was to authorize outside legal […]