Employee morale, subdivision over-development among topics at President Candidate Forum

The fourth (there’s one more scheduled, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce for September 25) Parish President Candidate Forum was held at the Galvez Library on Tuesday.  Five questions, similar to those at previous forums, elicited familiar responses from four candidates hoping to succeed President Kenny Matassa.  Election Day is October 12 with Early Voting […]

Cheryl Malbrough challenging the ultimate insider for District 5 council seat

A review of Dempsey Lambert’s most recent campaign finance report tells voters in District 5 all they need to know.  If you are in favor of maintaining the status quo, Lambert is your candidate.  If you think it is time for a change, Cheryl Malbrough should have your vote. Included in $11,325 Lambert reported are […]

Cagnolatti, Lambert and Joseph delay Planning Commission reform (it’s over)

When the specter of Parish Attorney O’Neil Parenton pervades a Strategic Planning Committee meeting, it can only mean the fix is in.  Thursday’s meeting agenda included: Discussion of proposal to amend Home Rule Charter Section 4-18 to limit Ascension Planning Commission’s authority to approve/deny subdivision preliminary plats (Councilman Daniel Satterlee) Anathema to every council member […]

Sanitary sewer agreement in limbo?

The headlong rush into east bank Ascension sanitary sewer seems to have stalled.  Just last month Infrastructure Division Director William Daniel, among others, painted a grim picture of potential consent decrees and EPA/DEQ regulatory sledgehammers about to fall, stressing the imperative of executing a 40-page agreement with Ascension Sewer, LLC at the September 19 Parish […]

Plan for $1.2 Billion for Disaster Mitigation: “There’s no way in hell this makes sense”

There’s no way in hell this makes sense.  This is stupid. That’s what Council Chairwoman Teri Casso had to say on Monday about newly-created “watershed group” headed by Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC), participation in which is required if Ascension wants any of HUD’s $1,213,917,000 Disaster Mitigation funding.  At long last, HUD promulgated the rules […]

Council adopts fill ordinance applicable to Major Subdivisions and individual lots

If the old adage about a good compromise is true, that it leaves everybody dissatisfied, then President Kenny Matassa’s closed door “fill ordinance committee” may have produced one.  Retaining a parish-wide three foot maximum fill provision from an earlier ordinance vetoed by Matassa, a unanimous Ascension Parish Council passed a similar ordinance Thursday in Donaldsonville. […]

Is Satterlee’s District 4 reelection immune from anti-incumbency fervor

If there is a parish council member immune from the palpable anti-incumbency sentiment pervading Ascension, it can only be District 4’s Daniel “Doc” Satterlee.  Hard in the northwest corner of Ascension where much of the parish’s earliest subdivision development took root, Satterlee himself moved in two-and-a-half decades ago, incumbents have had a hard time getting […]

Former parish Planning Director drafting impact fees for Sorrento, subdivision moratorium extended

Sorrento’s council adopted new “Development and Zoning” on Tuesday with the able assistance of former Ascension Parish Planning Director Ricky Compton.  The Code of Ordinances was reconfigured with a restatement of the town’s development code and Zoning Tables to conform to the parish’s, which makes sense given that Ascension does permitting for Sorrento.  Compton was […]

District 2 Council Election a study in contrasts

The District 2, Ascension Parish Council election on October 12 features two candidates who could not be much different from a personality perspective.  Incumbent Bill Dawson amassed quite a record in an active first term, half of which will have been spent in the council chairmanship by year’s end.  Challenger, Joel Robert is using the […]

Corey “the Bald-Faced Liar” Orgeron is at it again

Since a certain District 4 candidate has seen fit to drag your editor into his disinformation campaign, see below, we decided to join the discourse.  If we were in the habit of sugar-coating things we’d say of Corey Orgeron; “he’s got a penchant for hyperbole and a tenuous grasp of the facts.”  Since we aren’t, […]