If it enrages Pendarvis can it be all bad? 3′ cap on fill adopted

If it frustrates the development community to the point of muttering veiled threats on their way out the door, can it be all bad?  One of Ascension’s land barons, Dempsey Pendarvis, angrily exited the Courthouse Annex in Gonzales on Thursday after a unanimous vote to cap fill material at three feet, period; an admittedly arbitrary […]

Joel Robert questions Fill Ordinance on tonight’s Council agenda

It is vital that Ascension Parish does something to prevent flooding.  We must fix our drainage infrastructure.  Continued development without identifying how our Parish drains is devastating to us.  We have spent millions upon millions on engineering studies to finally find out that we do not know the natural flow of drainage. According to HNTB […]

Why Stormwater Management matters: Oak Grove Townhouses

Almost an afterthought, Ascension’s Infrastructure Division Director introduced new Stormwater Program Manager Malcolm Say (spelled phonetically) during April’s meeting of the Council Utilities meeting.  The new manager had this to say about the state of affairs: My general assessment of the state of the union in terms of waterways in the parish is, we have a […]

Gonzales budget prepares for economic growth along Hwy 44

Gonzales City Council adopted the Budget for Fiscal Year 2019-20 on Monday; $16,105,790 in the General fund with $13,208,446 earmarked for Capital Outlay.  As in every year, the city’s greatest expense is the Police Department ($5,847,000) with the Fire Department coming in a distant second ($3,578,000).  Road projects ($4,933,387) and Wastewater Treatment improvements ($3,948,000) account […]

EA Drainage willing to negotiate with Town of Sorrento

According to Town Attorney Matthew Percy, Sorrento will be afforded the opportunity to negotiate with Ascension Parish in an effort to have the town’s roadside drainage ditches cleaned/cleared and maybe properly graded.  Percy presented the news at Tuesday’s meeting of the Town Council, a day after East Ascension Drainage Board took up the issue in […]

Traffic Impact Analysis in action: Evelyn Estates approval conditioned on intersection improvements

Evelyn Estates, a 43-lot subdivision proposed on 24.75 acres north of Cornerview Road and half-a-mile east of Hwy 73 received preliminary plat approval from a unanimous Planning Commission on Wednesday.  The approval was conditioned upon major improvements at two intersections which, more likely than not, means the subdivision will never be built. “If, in return […]

I-10 Interchange at Cornerview Road relies on road deal with Grady Melancon

According to a presentation by Planning Director Jerome Fournier at Monday’s Transportation Committee meeting Louisiana DOTD has identified Cornerview Road as the site for Ascension’s next I-10 interchange.  An “important step” toward closing the deal is building a four-lane road from Hwy 30, north to Cornerview traversing Buzzard Roost, 358 acres of recently rezoned property […]

Councilman Todd Lambert takes stand against subdivision development

District 9 Councilman Todd Lambert took a stand against an opportunistic developer at Monday’s meeting of the Transportation Committee, rejecting a “tenuous argument” and the offer of $270,000 toward a roundabout at the intersection of Hwy 934/Roddy Road.  Citing traffic concerns, Ascension’s Planning Commission denied the 105-lot Amalfi Cove targeted for Roddy Road near its intersection with Cannon Road […]

$800,000 worth of Master Plan proposals going nowhere fast

As one request for an Attorney General opinion clarifying Planning Commission authority over preliminary plats has languished for seven months, we hearken back nearly a decade to analyze the seven-member appointed body’s power to adopt a new Master Land Use Plan.  Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) is pocketing $450,000 to give the commission something to […]

“Monumental” Courthouse project contract approved by Council [without input from Matassa]

Momentous…Monumental…in the words of Council Chairwoman Teri Casso, the contract to build a new courthouse planned for E Worthey St in Gonzales was approved by resolution Thursday at its historic Donaldsonville counterpart.  The price tag ($27,438,395) is guaranteed by the first in Ascension “Construction Manager at-risk” contract with $25 million worth of bonds issued, secured […]