AG opines that power to approve subdivision may be taken away from Planning Commission

O’Neil Parenton’s attempt to game the system nothwithstanding, Louisiana’s Attorney General opined that Ascension’s Planning Commission could be stripped of its power to approve subdivision preliminary plats by amendment of the Home Rule Charter. The AG opined nine months after receiving Ascension’s request that posed two questions: Can Ascension Parish Council through a Charter Amendment […]

Cointment addresses “false statements” by opponent

NOTE:  From Clint Cointment’s campaign Facebook page (6/22/19) Clint Cointment-The Clear Choice Normally, I would not respond to false statements made by another candidate, but some of my supporters and undecided voters have asked me to do so. First, there is no circumstance or situation in which anyone would be allowed to speak for me […]

Major/Minor Drainage myth debunked

In a June 13 letter to Sorrento’s Town Attorney, East Ascension Drainage Board’s counsel debunked the myth that only Major Drainage work can be done inside two municipalities.  EAD lawyer, Cody Martin wrote Matthew Percy, his Sorrento counterpart: The East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District No. 1 (the District) is in receipt of your June […]

Matassa Veto of fill ordinance STANDS as west bank councilman abstains

On May 16 Ascension’s Parish Council adopted momentous changes to parish development regulations; a three-feet cap on fill material on all development, parish-wide; and requiring buildings to be built a foot higher than the current Base Flood Elevation, +1′.  President Kenny Matassa vetoed the ordinance.  Moments ago the Council, needing eight votes of the 11-members […]

Amalfi Cove – Setting the Record Straight in District 9

Traffic was the main issue in denial of my proposed Amalfi Cove subdivision off Roddy Road in December. Concerns about a proposed traffic signal at the Roddy and Black Bayou intersection chief among them. Instead of appealing a plan that the commissioners (following Councilman Lambert’s lead) didn’t want, I opted to meet with Parish officials, […]

SSA’s Slaughter hosting fundraiser to pay off Matassa’s legal bills

Her company having pocketed over $275,000 of Ascension taxpayer money in return for dubious (if any) value, it makes perfect sense that SSA Consultants’ Cristel Slaughter is returning the favor.  The invitation below is to a fundraiser to pay off Kenny Matassa’s legal bills incurred to fend off a felony bribery charge.  Since Slaughter and […]

On behalf of Gonzales: Thank you Aaron Lawler

‘Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. (Variously attributed to Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain; can’t go wrong there) What follows is Councilman Aaron Lawler’s exposition on the merits of Recreation in general; and soccer specifically, interspersed with editorial comment where necessary.  It was an […]

Can EA Drainage clean Sorrento ditches? Yes

Sorrento’s Councilman Donald Schexnaydre has pushed for answers to persistent drainage problems where budget constraints leave the town at East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District No. 1’s (commonly referred to as “EA Drainage Board”) mercy.  Three months ago Schexnaydre posed a simple question.  On December 4, 2018 Schexnaydre made a motion to seek an opinion from […]

Ascension’s Floodplain Management Plan

Ascension’s current Floodplain Management plan is to flood existing residents.

Ascension’s worst expenditures of 2018

Dubbed “a big stinky pile” by Parish Council Chairman Bill Dawson, your $306,200 taxpayer bailout of Ascension Wastewater Treatment has to be among the worst expenditures in a year replete with waste and dispensation of political patronage on a scale heretofore unseen in the parish…and that is saying something.  Let’s begin with the few positives. […]