Cointment defends Orgeron against Pelican Post accusation

NOTE:  Below is the letter we received from Ascension’s president.  We stand by our reportage and will, should he care to review, provide evidence to President Cointment substantiating said reportage. We wrote that Utilities Chairman Corey Orgeron “positively rejected Cointment’s overtures to present a potential initiative entitled Clean Waterways in Ascension” before acquiescing at the last […]

New Year, same old Lawler

Below is Councilman Aaron Lawler’s social media depiction of the January 23 meeting of Ascension’s Parish Council.  President Clint Cointment announced two personnel decisions, John Diez as Chief Administrative Officer and Randy Watts to direct the Human Resources Department. Aaron Lawler January 24 at 1:20 PM ·  Last night was a mixed bag at the Council. On […]

Orgeron: “I am not in the bag with anyone!” Just incompetent?

Below is Councilman Corey Orgeron’s response to our inquiry; is he “in the bag for Bernhard Capital Partners/Ascension Sewer?” Corey Orgeron Despite your ingenious attempts to attack and ridicule I will offer answers to your childish inuendo. NO, I am not in the bag with anyone! I am not “lobbying” for any one proposal; however, […]

Lawler admits pushing for lawsuit, anticipated fix being in with Matassa criminal fee payoff

We read with interest Councilman Aaron Lawler’s recap of Thursday’s Parish Council proceeding, specifically the 7-2 vote to pay criminal legal fees incurred by President Kenny Matassa.  Lawler wrote: Aaron Lawler  Dec. 5 Council Meeting Recap 5. On a 7-2 vote the Council approved the payment of President Matassa’s legal fees. Chair women Casso and […]

Cointment working group proposes contractual revisions to Ascension Sewer

Four weeks until Inauguration Day, Parish President-Elect Clint Cointment spent the past five days digging into the Construction, Operating and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement proposed by Ascension Sewer, LLC five months ago.  The document was amended by Ascension Sewer on multiple occasions pursuant to discussions at multiple Parish Council and Utilities Committee meetings, what passed for negotiation by […]

Shadowy sewer negotiations the fault of Chairwoman Casso

The time for modern sewer in Ascension Parish has come.-Councilman Daniel “Doc” Satterlee (December 8, 2015) Those words were spoken during a Special Meeting of the Parish Council to consider Ascension Environmental, the Public Private Partnership proposed by GSA Consulting Engineers and a consortium of companies supposed to deliver the goods, i.e. sanitary sewer for east bank […]

Arcane medical marijuana laws and remarkable story of local man who resists

July 16, 2006 was the last day I got to see my step dad alive.  He was so sick from chemo but he told my mom that he was going to boil crabs for me before I went back to Wyoming.  We boiled crabs and it was one of the best days of my life.  […]

Ten questions posed to Ascension Sewer; three answers

A few hours before it appeared by the Parish Council Utilities Committee on October 8, we received a press release from Ascension Sewer, LLC touting the economic windfall of its plan.  Hiring Dr. James Richardson, Alumni Professor of Economics and Public Administration at Louisiana State University to make its case, the whole pitch was based on manipulable numbers. […]

Council candidate Joel Robert addresses Opioid Crisis

On February 7 President Kenny Matassa declared “a big need in Ascension Parish for some type of detox facility for our people…Everybody knows about the opioid epidemic.”  Some know better than others.  Candidate for Parish Council Joel Robert, who came by his intimate knowledge of opioid addiction the hard way, applauds Matassa’s efforts. Under discussion […]

Corey Orgeron has mastered the art of buffoonery

Corey Orgeron has perfected the art of buffoonery.  Dozens of fanciful, wholly unsubstantiated claims having already been made, Orgeron’s latest absurdity is his masterpiece. Corey Orgeron The stage is set for a large steering committee to research then manage $1.2 Billion in recovery money to address the watershed problems exposed in the 2016 floods. As […]