AP Library seeking renewal of reduced millage

By: Library Director Jennifer Patterson Ascension Parish Library’s Funding Renewal Election is scheduled for Saturday, August 15, with early voting taking place from July 25 – August 8. The funds generated by this RENEWAL supply 95% of the library’s budget. The library receives no money from the parish government. For the last 60 years, these […]

44 AGs urge inclusion of Edith’s Bill (reimburse victims of elder fraud) to coronavirus relief

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul are leading a bipartisan coalition of 44 states in urging Congress to include Edith’s Bill in Coronavirus relief legislation. Their request would amend the Victims of Crime Act of 1984 (VOCA) to include victims of senior fraud as eligible for reimbursement by the Crime […]

Registration for Ascension Flight Soccer Club extended to September 13

This Fall brings a new soccer season in Ascension Parish with Ascension Flight Soccer Club, the Home of Soccer in Ascension Parish. Registration for the Recreational Programs opens July 1st and ends September 13th, an extension created to allow families to navigate through the COVID- 19 period. Registration is available to all new and existing […]

Register now for 2020 Virtual Dancing For A Cause fundraising event

After considering the safety and well-being of our community during these unprecedented times, The Arc of East Ascension has decided to make this year’s Dancing For A Cause fundraising event virtual. Due to this transition, The Arc is in need of more participants. The Arc is hopeful that our community will support this virtual effort to ensure that Ascension Parish’s […]

Mayor Lambert responds to parish councilman’s plea to drop lawsuit against EA Drainage

After reading Councilman Robert’s opinions posted on the Pelican Post’s website, I feel it is necessary to address his request for the Town of Sorrento to dismiss its lawsuit against the East Ascension Gravity Drainage District No. 1. The District cannot resume projects that have never begun.  That being said, there is nothing preventing the […]

Joel Robert urges Sorrento to dismiss drainage lawsuit, resume projects

Like each of my colleagues on East Ascension Drainage Board, as well as President Clint Cointment’s administration, the news of Sorrento’s legal action against the Board caught me by total surprise.  As Sorrento’s representative on Ascension’s Parish Council, which comes with additional duties as a commissioner on EA Drainage, I would have expected some notice […]

Sewer negotiations at standstill, Cointment should focus on drainage

Six months ago today Parish President Clint Cointment and six new council members were sworn into office for the first time, joining five council incumbents.  As with any new administration there was a settling in period, lengthened in his case when his predecessor denied access to Cointment’s Transition Team.   Half-a-year in and little attention has […]

Ascension Sewer responds to non-existent Sewer Committee

Assuming the full council accepts the unanimous recommendation of the body on May 26, an ill-conceived Sewer Committee will be disbanded.  Which did not stop Ascension Sewer’s Jeff Baudier from answering two question he claims were posed to him by said committee (legal counsel insists no such questions were posed while Council Chairwoman Teri Casso […]

Parish President recommends denial of Antebellum Pointe subdivision

Has a sitting Ascension Parish President ever openly advocated that a residential subdivision preliminary plat be denied by the parish’s Planning Commission.  If so, we can find no precedent for Clint Cointment’s letter… reprinted below: Dear Commissioners: Regarding the above referenced preliminary plat to be considered for approval or denial at the March 11, 2020 […]

What will newly-negotiated agreement with Ascension Sewer include?

Vote-skipping Corey Orgeron was all bluff and bluster when he proposed a six-member Sewer Negotiation Team from the Parish Council’s Utilities Committee chair.  Big talk, and little else, we eagerly await the progress (or lack thereof) toward a viable agreement with Ascension Sewer, LLC; one that won’t overburden toilet flushers or bankrupt Ascension.  To that end, we […]