Edwards orders Statewide Mask Mandate, closes bars to on-premises consumption

On Saturday Gov. John Bel Edwards announced a mandatory mask requirement for Louisiana and ordered bars in the state closed to on-premises consumption, as the state experiences increasing spread of COVID-19. The Governor also limited indoor social gatherings like wedding receptions, class reunions and parties to 50 total people. With these additional restrictions, Louisiana remains […]

A sample of Louisiana recipients of federal Paycheck Protection Program

July 10, 2020 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) It turns out that the Ayn Rand Foundation and Grover Norquist aren’t the only ones who preach self-reliance while trashing the so-called “welfare queens” who would have the temerity to accept largesse from the “guvmint.” This is a contradiction I have addressed here in the past but the […]

Edwards signs budget urging preparation for mid-year cuts

Governor Vetoes Language that Cancelled Merit Raises for Classified State Employees Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed the state’s budget for the FY 20-21 operating year, preserving funding for critical health care, workforce and education services that are needed during the pandemic, especially as new COVID-19 cases rise again as school systems […]

Saturday’s election to decide nine seats on Ascension Republican committee

Americans for the most part expect the truth, want to operate in it, and strive to find it. This is true in personal dealings, business transactions, and in the political arena. Given enough information, most people are able to discern the truth. Half-truths are confusing. Regarding the upcoming July 11th election this Saturday for our […]

LFACC annual Garfish Rodeo (July 25-26)

Join us for the annual Garfish Rodeo for a great cause.  See above for details.  ALL proceeds donated to LFACC St. Jude.

Sewer negotiations at standstill, Cointment should focus on drainage

Six months ago today Parish President Clint Cointment and six new council members were sworn into office for the first time, joining five council incumbents.  As with any new administration there was a settling in period, lengthened in his case when his predecessor denied access to Cointment’s Transition Team.   Half-a-year in and little attention has […]

Mayor Leroy Sullivan launches volunteer committee on equity, inclusion, and social justice

Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan introduced July 3 the creation of the volunteer Committee on Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice. The committee is aimed at creating an equitable, inclusive, and just environment that welcomes and empowers all members of our community, according to a release from the city’s Director of Community and Economic Development office, Lee […]

PSC’s Skrmetta to address Ascension GOP Roundtable

Public Service Commissioner, Eric Skrmetta, who holds one of 5 seats on the statewide body that governs utility providers, railroads and other public services in the Pelican State, will be the featured speaker at the July Ascension GOP Roundtable, sponsored by Ascension Republican Women. The Roundtable will be held on Thursday, July 16th at 11:30 […]

Formosa Plastics (in St. James) controversy emblematic of larger problem in Louisiana

July 3, 2020 by Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) Cancer Alley. Jobs. One is supposed to be a trade-off for the other, albeit a less-than-attractive trade-off. You’ve read the myriad stories over the years. The Mississippi River corridor between Baton Rouge and New Orleans has the fifth-highest cancer rate in the nation. Or the second-highest. Or the […]

Only one ARPEC Ticket supports right to vote for Parish President

A member on the Republican Parish Executive Committee is an unpaid volunteer position. We are not life long politicians, but public servants who work to implement conservative principles in local government. We are small business owners, plant workers, retirees, first responders and community volunteers. Members attend local Parish Council and Planning and Zoning meetings when […]