13 months later: SSA Consultants delivers Job Qualifications for top positions (but no job descriptions)

Cristel Slaughter and the gang from SSA Consultants were back before Ascension Parish Council Finance Committee on Tuesday, this time recommending a series of qualifications for all parish personnel positions subject to ratification by the Council.  Hired over 13 months ago to write job descriptions for every employee and establish a performance management program; the […]

EA Drainage approves $400,000 for Sorrento ditch maintenance by 6-3 vote

On Monday a 6-3 vote of East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District #1 approved a “Not to Exceed” amount of $400,000 for Sorrento Ditch Maintenance.  The vote came after months of consideration in multiple Executive Sessions, years of lobbying by Sorrento Councilman Donald Schexnaydre, and the threat of legal action from the municipality. Sorrento had […]

Ascension’s first Stormwater Manager out in less than six months. How’d he last that long?

Oh, Malcolm, we hardly knew ye! Introduced by Infrastructure Director William Daniel in April, Ascension’s first ever Stormwater Program Manager Malcolm Sayes almost made it six months.  In a recent group email sent from Parish Government, the alert was included almost matter-of-factly.  Dated September 30, that email closed with: Malcom Sayes is no longer with […]

Corey “the Bald-Faced Liar” Orgeron is at it again

Since a certain District 4 candidate has seen fit to drag your editor into his disinformation campaign, see below, we decided to join the discourse.  If we were in the habit of sugar-coating things we’d say of Corey Orgeron; “he’s got a penchant for hyperbole and a tenuous grasp of the facts.”  Since we aren’t, […]

Defendant asserts Matassa not entitled to reimbursement; not engaged in official duties

Sued by Ascension Parish Government (APG) and Kenny Matassa personally, Harry Robert Insurance Agency (Robert) has answered.  Robert, the agent who brokered the insurance agreement, was accused of failing to alert APG and Matassa to the existence of coverage to pay Matassa’s legal fees to defend felony bribery charges in 2017-18; and added as party-defendant […]

Matassa explains absence from Ascension during declared emergency

GONZALES – Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa on Monday praised the efforts of government employees for their actions in dealing with Hurricane Barry this past weekend. President Matassa will return Tuesday from a conference he attended in Las Vegas late last week that lasted through the weekend. “Everything was in place with our emergency response […]

Inspector General “paints” a different picture of Parish President hopeful

Having spent the weekend responding to apologists/defenders of Murphy Painter, all of whom inaccurately argue that their man “was proven innocent” of all charges, it is time to examine the conduct resulting in Painter’s indictment.  To be perfectly clear, in December 2013 the erstwhile Ascension Parish sheriff’s candidate was acquitted by a jury on 29 […]

Everyone should be leery of Murphy Painter

By: Wade Petite (like everything else not otherwise designated in Pelican Post) These are strange times in which we live, when a guy who has betrayed his oath of office as frequently as Murphy Painter critiques somebody else’s belief system.  Since Painter took up the gauntlet, erroneously describing your writer as an atheist, to fend […]

What does it cost to hire Meyer Engineering for a splash pad in AP? $49,900, logarithmically speaking

If we learned nothing else at Thursday’s Council meeting, it was determined how much it cost to engineer a splash pad in Ascension Parish.  If you’re part of the taxpaying public… $49,900 That’s a different question than; what’s it cost to be given the no-bid contract to perform the engineering of a splash pad? Whether […]

First Anniversary: Jamestown Crossing (sausage-making at its finest)

One year ago today Ascension’s Planning Commission approved Jamestown Crossing (two phases), 172 lots on either side of Hwy 930.  It was the last plat approval before the Parish Council enacted a stringent Traffic Impact Analysis policy that would have, in all probability, killed the project.  Hwy 930, a substandard roadway, runs into one of Ascension’s busiest, Hwy […]