Ascension getting into Traffic Signal business so developer can sell residential lots

Ascension Parish, apparently, is getting into the traffic signal business.  It is, not surprisingly, to accommodate two new subdivisions near the Germany/Braud road intersection where the signal will be installed.  Since the parish lacks the expertise to operate traffic signals an outside traffic engineer has to be hired so that Highland Trace and Lake at West Creek (subsequently […]

Orgeron leaves Casso holding the bag as Sewer Committee disbanding after one (official) meeting

Mercifully, the six-member committee created to negotiate with Ascension Sewer, LLC is on its way to oblivion, said committee having unanimously voted to disband at its first and only meeting on Tuesday.  It was an awful idea from inception, made worse when half of the six -member team conducted an April 30 Zoom conference with […]

Parish payroll reduced over $1 Million since Cointment took office

Clint Cointment was sworn into Ascension’s parish presidency on January 6, inheriting a bloated annual payroll created by his predecessor with 542 employees listed on the master roster (provided in response to a mid-December 2019 records request).  Kenny Matassa (2016-19) added approximately 150 names to that roster he inherited from Tommy Martinez, actually reducing the workforce […]

Cointment administration proposes plan for Individual Sewer Treatment units to Utilities

Thursday marked the first meeting of the Parish Council’s Utilities Committee since a majority of the body’s 11 members were turned out of office, including the committee’s 2019 chairman.  Former Councilman Daniel “Doc” Satterlee lost his seat to Corey Orgeron who would also succeed him in the Utilities Chair.  Orgeron’s first official act was a […]

How long was the fix in for Bernhard’s sewer plan? Casso email from January 19 tells tale

At the end of every year we clean out the contents of two computers, discarding all those items compiled just in case we might have had occasion to fit them within some article.  At the end of our yearly ritual we chanced upon the following, received in 250-page response to a records request in March: […]

Constituent “furious with Lawler” for “underhanded violation of rights”

Terry Jones resides in Parish Council District 7.  Jones is a registered Republican who supports the challenger, Kim Christy, in the November 16 runoff for the seat currently occupied by Aaron Lawler.  Jones is “furious with Mr. Lawler because he, literally, tried to impose his will and violate my rights.” On Friday, November 1, Jones […]

Cointment-42%, Painter-22%, Diggs-19%, Webre-18%

The headline tells the tale of Election 2019 for Ascension Parish President.  Clint Cointment led the way with 42% of the vote, a 20% lead over the second place finisher, Murphy Painter whose 22% had to be disappointing.  The runoff, if Painter hangs in, is scheduled for November 16. Ricky Diggs finished third with 19% with Rick Webre’s 18% […]

13 months later: SSA Consultants delivers Job Qualifications for top positions (but no job descriptions)

Cristel Slaughter and the gang from SSA Consultants were back before Ascension Parish Council Finance Committee on Tuesday, this time recommending a series of qualifications for all parish personnel positions subject to ratification by the Council.  Hired over 13 months ago to write job descriptions for every employee and establish a performance management program; the […]

EA Drainage approves $400,000 for Sorrento ditch maintenance by 6-3 vote

On Monday a 6-3 vote of East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District #1 approved a “Not to Exceed” amount of $400,000 for Sorrento Ditch Maintenance.  The vote came after months of consideration in multiple Executive Sessions, years of lobbying by Sorrento Councilman Donald Schexnaydre, and the threat of legal action from the municipality. Sorrento had […]

Ascension’s first Stormwater Manager out in less than six months. How’d he last that long?

Oh, Malcolm, we hardly knew ye! Introduced by Infrastructure Director William Daniel in April, Ascension’s first ever Stormwater Program Manager Malcolm Sayes almost made it six months.  In a recent group email sent from Parish Government, the alert was included almost matter-of-factly.  Dated September 30, that email closed with: Malcom Sayes is no longer with […]