92-lot Windsor Park subdivision plat on Hwy 42 to be considered by Planning Commission

Windsor Park preliminary plat.

Two new members of Ascension’s Planning Commission will get to vote on their first subdivision preliminary plat on Wednesday.  Richard Carmouche and Robert Hodgson were sworn in on October 14, filling vacancies created when Wade Schexnaydre and Morrie Bishop resigned.  Windsor Park is the 92-lot subdivision proposed by Dantin-Bruce Development, LLC on 31 acres south of Hwy 42 between Old Jefferson and Hwy 44.

The departure of Schexnaydre and Bishop is a wash, the former having voted to deny numerous preliminary plats while the latter was avowedly “pro-development” (we could find only one “Nay” vote on Bishop’s near decade long resume’).  Wednesday should tell you a lot about the incoming commissioners’ proclivities.

CSRS is the Engineering Review Agent for the parish which concluded with regard to Windsor Park’s Traffic Impact Study:

Existing segment analysis shows the segment of LA 42 between Chenier Drive and Levern Stafford Road operates worse than D westbound in the AM peak hour and eastbound in the PM peak hour. The current construction of additional lanes is projected to operate at a LOS A in both AM and PM peak hours for the build condition. (Emphasis added).

Apparently, Louisiana DOTD’s ongoing Hwy 42 project is being factored into the study by the project traffic engineer, Laurence Lambert.  It is a similar to another subdivision plat, one that was denied recently, Antebellum Pointe which relied upon additional lanes being constructed on I-10 to resolve traffic woes.

CSRS on the Drainage Impact Study:

The Drainage Impact Study substantially conforms to the requirements of the Drainage Impact Study Policy included in the Subdivision Regulations. The Engineering Review Agency has performed a review of the input parameters and results of the submitted drainage calculations for compliance with the Subdivision Regulations and generally accepted practices for storm water hydrologic design. Upon approval of the preliminary plat, the applicant can proceed with final drainage design in accordance with the concepts submitted in the impact study.

Wednesday’s meeting packet includes STAFF ANALYSIS (a positive change from Staff’s past practice of offering recommendations in our view):

“The proposed plat meets all guidelines for a major subdivision per current ordinance and should the commission concur with staff’s analysis and approve this subdivision preliminary plat, staff will ensure any comments and/or conditions are noted.”

RECONSIDERATION of once denied Oak Grove Townhouses: The fix is in.

Windsor Park is located in Councilman Aaron Lawler’s District 7, the councilman has already signified his approval of Windsor Park via his social media page:

I am aware of the new subdivision that is proposed for behind Roy’s Ice. Per the information I have been given, despite increasingly stringent traffic and drainage regulations, the new subdivision has met all of those requirements. The concern is the connection to the two adjoining neighborhoods. I have stated my objection to connecting existing neighborhoods, but it is the new administrations policy to require such connections. Yes, the connectivity will be better for traffic and safety, both for the new and existing neighborhoods, but I still feel that existing neighborhoods should only be forced to connect if they agree to do so my a majority of property owners. Finally, if this is the new policy, I fully expect that it be evenly applied to all new subdivisions in the future. (Emphasis added).

First Anniversary: Jamestown Crossing preliminary plat approval

Lawler’s district is home to more controversial subdivisions than any other, including multiple preliminary plats submitted by Windsor Park’s developer.  Dantin-Bruce has developed several Hwy 42 subdivisions, Jamestown Crossing and Oak Grove Townhouses among them.