$6.6 million Traffic Impact fee dollars allocated for improvements

Recently widened C Braud Road

As of March 1 Ascension Parish had $11,965,547 available in the Transportation Impact Fee Program fund.  Earlier this month the Parish Council approved transference of $6.6 million of those dollars in support of seven road improvement projects through the Move Ascension Initiative.  Recently completed, the C Braud Road safety widening project is largely funded by collected impact fees, $3 million approved by the Council for transfer to Move Ascension for the purpose during its August 4 meeting.

A Certificate of Substantial Completion, dated April 25, was approved by the body on August 18 while also approving a change order to “add an additional 25 days to the contract time to compensate for weather delays, utility work and time for scheduling the substantial completion inspection and also would subtract $180,157.84 for a total contract amount of $1,953,107.77.”  Construction costs alone were originally anticipated to exceed $3 million.

C Braud links Bluff and Hwy 73

Design costs ($608,180), Right of Way acquisition ($391,656) and Inspection costs ($157,885) pushed the total over that figure.  A roundabout project has also been proposed at the new connector’s intersection with Hwy 73.  According to the Move Ascension site:

This project proposes a roundabout on LA 73 south of the I-10 interchange at the future junction of a connector road west to Bluff Rd.

In combination with the proposed connector road (project MA-20-01), his roundabout project will improve traffic flow through along Hwy. 73. This project is tied to reviews and approvals by DOTD. The image below shows a diagrammatic layout of this project.

The Impact Fee Program divides the parish into three zones…

Monies generated in any given zone can only be allocated in said zone.  The most recent accounting update, in March:

  • District 1 (west bank): $115,484.00
  • District 2 (east bank not Prairieville): $3,740,660.74
  • District 3 (Prairieville):  $8,109,403.24
  • Total:  $11,965,547.98

In addition to the C Braud Road allocation, six more projects received Council approval for Impact Fee funds, representative of matching requirements for state and/or federal funding.

Roddy Road from Churchpoint (Hwy 935) to Hwy 621-District 2

  • Roddy Road Safety Widening from Hwy 935 (Churchpoint) to Hwy 621:  $1 million.

This 1-1/2 mile segment of the Roddy Road corridor from LA 935 (Churchpoint Rd.) to LA 621 (Cante Rd.) is to be widened to improve safety. The project includes a new bridge over Black Bayou.

UPDATE: Intersection improvements at LA 934 and LA 621 have been removed from the scope of this project, as signalization of those intersections are not warranted as per DOTD.

Design cost: $606,555.00
Row cost: $723,195.00
Enviro mitigation cost: $21,600
Construction cost estimate: $4,532,425.10

Roddy Rd. from Airline Hwy to Churchpoint Road (District 2)

  • Roddy Road Safety Widening  from Airline Hwy to Hwy 935 (Churchpoint Road): $1 million

This 1.3 mile section of Roddy Rd. from US 61 (Airline Hwy.) to LA 935 will be widened to improve safety. The project includes new bridges over the New River Canal and Bayou Narcisse and intersection improvements.

These intersection improvements include Left turn lanes at LA 429 east, west, and northbound; and Right turn lanes at LA 429 on north and southbound approaches. Intersection improvements at LA 935 have been removed from the scope of the project as they are not warranted at this time, per DOTD.

Design cost: $990,348.40
Row cost: $869,733.00
Enviro mitigation cost: $21,600
Construction cost estimate: $5,395,478.75

  • Hwy 44 at Parker Road roundabout: $900,000 (District 3)

No details included for this project.

  • US 61 Superstreet (Lowe’s Avenue Roundabout): $300,000
  • US 61 Superstreet (LA 429/Weber City improvements): $200,000
  • US 61 Superstreet (S Purpera St improvement): $200,000

All District 2 inside the City of Gonzales, $1,580,000 federal dollars have been allocated according to the Move Ascension site.