37 Subdivisions/4015 housing units approved by Planning since 2015 (See where new neighbors will locate)

Chairman Matt Pryor (file photo) is one of two holdovers from 2015.  The other is Morrie Bishop

In 2015 there were 1,950 individual residential units authorized by Ascension’s Planning Commission which approved 14 subdivision preliminary plats.  With 2018 in the books plat approval has averaged a comparatively meager eight per year over the past three years.  The bad news for all those frustrated by worsening traffic and overwhelmed infrastructure generally, only 325 Certificates of Occupancy have been issued for those 4,015 approved units, all east of the Mississippi River.

These numbers do not include approvals in the City of Gonzales where another 1,800 or so have been approved in the same time frame.  Somewhat surprisingly, if you include Conway Subdivision in Gonzales, more rooftops were approved along the Hwy 44 corridor south of the city than any other area in the parish.  Three subdivision approvals in 2015-16 accounted for 1,269 rooftops (with only 14 Certificates of Occupancy having been issued) in the unincorporated area, combined with Conway’s 932 approved lots for a total 2,201 residential units.

Riverton Subdivision, approved in March of 2016, has 780 individual lots just west of Hwy 44 on the north side of Hwy 22.  No houses have been built but the entire 260 acre tract, just south of Pelican Point subdivision, seems to have been substantially elevated with fill material.

Left to right: District 2 Councilman Bill Dawson, President Matassa, Traffic Engineer Nick Ferlito, Ascension CAO Ken Dawson, and Billy Aguillard making sure Riverton subdivision approval by March 2016 Planning Commission

Pelican Crossing-Phases 4-6 (325 lots) and Oak Lake (162 lots with 14 COs issued), both approved in 2015,  are located on either side of Hwy 44.  Pelican Crossing sits across the road from Pelican Point Subdivision.  Oak Lake is about .5 miles north of Pelican Point, directly across Hwy 44 from Conway Subdivision located within Gonzales’ city limits.

No subdivision plats in the area have come before the Planning Commission since March of 2016.

Already saturated, Prairieville is still being targeted by the development community, particularly the area bounded by Airline Hwy to the west and north of Germany Road.

1,846 individual residential units have been approved within that condensed area since January of 2015.  1,095 of those were approved in 2015 when seven Major Subdivisions were green-lighted within a few square miles.  Of those 1,846 total approved units only 292 COs were issued.

Plats are concentrated along Hwy 42 which traverses northeast Ascension from east-to-west, with developers extending south as Hwy 42 becomes more and more saturated. The last seven plats approved by the Planning Commission are all located within a few square miles.

Once denied Oak Grove Townhouses was approved on “Reconsideration” along with Christy Place in March 2018.  The most recent is The Villas at Rosewood in October.

Jamestown Crossing’s two phases were both approved on May 9, 2018, the commission’s last meeting before Ascension’s Parish Council adopted a stringent Traffic Impact Analysis policy which seems to have slowed new preliminary plat submissions.  It would be four months before one developer sought approval of two more subdivisions, Highland Trace and Lake at West Creek, both off Germany Roadon September 12

Planning approves 162 lots contingent on roundabouts being built

Both were approved unanimously, but no Certificates of Occupancy can be issued unless a nearby roundabout is already built and operational (or a traffic signal is installed).  Developer Ross Berthelot came back to the Planning Commission seeking approval of a plat further south…

Commission denies subdivision proposed on Roddy/Cannon roads

and was denied on December 12.  Seeking to build 105-houses on Cannon Road is simply irresponsible, though not so bad that three planning commissioners (Matthew Pryor, Morrie Bishop, and Julio Dumas) objected.

Early in 2018 it was two developments in the unincorporated area west of Gonzales, Cambre Oaks and Forestwood which were approved in January and February, respectively.

Extending into Geismar and Dutchtown along Hwy 73, plat approvals have been steady.  Two subdivisions, Belle Savane and Stoney Point Estates were approved in 2015 with a total of 405 lots.  A 53-lot subdivision addition to Oaks on the Bluff, further north on Bluff Road was also approved.  The only Certificates of Occupancy issued were 19 in Belle Savane, a 285-lot subdivision being built just north of Hwy 74 between Hwy 73 and Bluff Road.

Since January 2016 another 407 lots were approved for the area in seven different preliminary plats.

A single subdivision plat has been approved in St. Amant, Maple Grove’s 45-lots have yet to be occupied.

The west bank is still waiting for its first subdivision approval since the early 1970s.

Not subject to Ascension Planning Commission approval, two subdivisions and two apartment complexes are being built in the City of Gonzales.