13 subdivisions with 1866 rooftops “In Construction” according to Planning Staff

Planning and Development Director Jerome Fournier (file photo)

According to Ascension’s Planning Staff there are 13 approved residential subdivisions either “In Construction” or with Final Plat approval.  All told it means another 1,866 rooftops in the development pipeline.  Without an approved subdivision since October 2018, will there be a lull in subdivisions?

NOTE:  Evelyn Estates’ proposed 43 lots were approved in May 2019.  The developer, apparently unwilling to incur the costs of a roundabout made a condition of Final Plat approval, has scrapped the project.

Development has begun targeting the area around the City of Gonzales (there’s plenty of rooftops coming up inside the city, too) with three subdivisions being built in the Hwy 44/Hwy 22 corridor just south of Gonzales.  Riverton, Pelican Crossing (Phases 5-6), and Oak Lake account for 1,173 lots.  The area west of Gonzales, leading to Geismar will see another 185 rooftops.

The former hotbed of new development, the Hwy 42 corridor east of Airline Hwy has another 508 residential units entering the stream of commerce.

Since the beginning of 2015 there have been 40 subdivisions preliminary plat hearings conducted by the parish’s Planning Commission.  All but two (Hudson Cove in April 2017 and Amalfi Cove in December 2018) received ultimate approval as five would be denied by the commission then approved after filing appeals.  Those five are:

  • Brookstone (approved by Appeals Board in April 2016);
  • Oakbourne and Camellia Cove (both approved by Appeals Board in December 2016);
  • Reese Lane (approved on “Reconsideration” by Planning Commission in October 2017); and
  • Oak Grove Townhouses (approved on “Reconsideration” by Planning Commission in Marcy of 2018).

By 2017 the Parish Council had abolished a three-member Appeals Board, and taken over the duty, sort of.  The Council declined to hear the Reese Lane and Oak Grove Townhouses appeals…

RECONSIDERATION of once denied Oak Grove Townhouses: The fix is in.

while upholding Hudson Cove’s denial.  Amalfi Cove’s developer did not file an appeal).

The high-water mark for approvals was 2015 when 14 subdivisions were approved, most having been built already.  Over 1900 lots were approved in 2015 with approximately 1560 no longer appearing on Staff’s “In Construction” list.  Approvals lessened drastically beginning in 2016, partly due to the Great Flood.  Yearly approvals:

  • 2016-Six subdivisions approved but 1,069 lots (unfinished Riverton accounting for 780 lots);
  • 2017-Six subdivisions approved; 278 lots;
  • 2018-Nine Subdivisions approved; 711 lots;
  • 2019-One Subdivision approved; 43 lots (Evelyn Estates which appears to have been scrapped)

There have been no approvals in 2020 though a 237-lot subdivision will be considered on March 11 after being pulled from the February 12 meeting agenda.

237-lot subdivision off Hwy 73 in Prairieville on Planning agenda (Wednesday)

That is according to the parish.