13 months later: SSA Consultants delivers Job Qualifications for top positions (but no job descriptions)

Cristel Slaughter and the gang from SSA Consultants were back before Ascension Parish Council Finance Committee on Tuesday, this time recommending a series of qualifications for all parish personnel positions subject to ratification by the Council.  Hired over 13 months ago to write job descriptions for every employee and establish a performance management program; the 7-2 council vote on September 6, 2018 appropriated another $75,000 for SSA.

NOTE:  Only Todd Lambert and Daniel “Doc” Satterlee opposed this waste of taxpayer dollars.

Still waiting on those job descriptions…

Maybe Slaughter was too busy organizing this high-end can shake for President Kenny Matassa. Unfortunately, no one asked how it went.

Slaughter and one associate appeared before Finance to propose educational and experience requirements for a handful of upper management directorships requiring council approval.  For instance…

Similar requirements were presented for:

  • Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Human Resources/Personnel Director
  • Infrastructure Division Director
  • Lamar Dixon General Manager
  • Utilities Director
  • Planning and Development Director
  • Public Works Director

Any occupant of said positions without the new qualifications will be “grandfathered in” as long as employment continues.  A near unanimous committee (all but Councilman Benny Johnson) forwarded the recommendation to the full council after Chairwoman Teri Casso challenged her colleagues…

“…to think about the future of this parish…When we have great leadership, as we do now, and we have great leadership in the future with qualified individuals, that’s gonna result in increased productivity and efficiency.  Which is where we started…two years ago.

I also believe, and I don’t say this lightly but I’m gonna say it tonight; I believe that qualified people speak truth to power…If they are not listened to and respected, they will leave.  It’s important, I believe, for a new administration to either surround itself with people we have already ratified and feel confident in, or to choose people to fill those positions (with individuals) who we are willing to ratify because we feel confident and competent.

So, I’m supporting them in council.  And I’m really challenging my fellow members of this council to think about the future of this parish…

All from a signatory to this disgrace.

What it will mean today, and what it will certainly mean in January; and, more importantly, what is’s going to mean in ten years from now, or 20 years from now?