110 residential construction permits issued by Gonzales in 2021

The City of Gonzales has, for lack of a better word, endured rampant residential construction on par with Ascension Parish, writ large. Roughly one-tenth of Ascension’s population, the city issued 110 residential construction permits since the beginning of 2021 through the end of April.  Excluding the permit for East Ascension HS’ $6.9 million Media Center/Library, 17 commercial building permits have issued over the same time frame.

The majority of those residential permits (71) were issued in the first two months of 2021, with another 39 in March and April.  93 (of those 110) permits are located in three subdivision developments.  All told those permits represent approximately $21.5 million worth of residential construction.

  • 39 building permits issued for Sanctuary West subdivision (all by the end of February), the development under construction on either side of the road leading to Pecan Grove Elementary from E Worthy, this year (average construction cost-$174,149);
  • 33 were issued in Conway/Conway Reserve, south of Interstate 10 and east of Hwy 44 (average construction cost-$260,000);
  • 20 in Arbor Crossing which abuts Southwood Subdivision to the west on the south side of Hwy 30 (average construction cost-$182,000).

Four permits, averaging $179,000 construction cost, were issued for lots in the Orice Roth Road area; another seven permits were forthcoming in Rothland Subdivision, just east of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital on Hwy 30.  A third street branching of the main ingress, Roth Ave, to accommodate the homes with an average construction cost of $126,000.

Speaking of St. Elizabeth’s, it will soon face competition as Ochsner Medical Center’s $15,000,000 facility has broke ground on Gonzales’ version of Main St.  Located at 2400 S. Burnside Ave, Ochsner is wasting no time since obtaining its permit on March 4.  It is the big ticket commercial item approved by Gonzales’ Building Department during the current calendar year.  17 permits envision $17,642,000 worth of commercial construction.

All six of the “New Construction” projects are located in the Hwy 30 corridor or within a couple of city blocks.  Ochsner Medical Center backs up to E Hwy 30, with two new projects located on Eastbank Street (just north of Eastbank Shopping Center on Hwy 30).