$100 MILLION in project starts in 18 months, Cointment makes case for EA Drainage job

Over 100 million dollars’ worth of projects started in only 18 months! The Administration and the East Ascension Drainage Commission (EADC) have been getting a lot of drainage work done for Ascension Parish!

I want to showcase some of the major items this Administration and EADC have accomplished in the past 18 months.

After years of legal delays, we have started the Laurel Ridge Levee Extension project. We have also received $42 million of funding from the LWI for the Highway 22 Gapping Project, and have already begun working on acquiring the right of way needed.

Just this week our DPW crews, with the approval from the EADC, started the dredging of New River. This is the first dredging project of this magnitude in over 2 decades!

(June 17, midday) Parish crew busy digging Smith Bayou north of the gate valve as channel dug out south of structure

Also, with the cooperation of the Administration and the EADC, our DPW crews were able to install the gate valve system in Smith Bayou. This was completed this month, and will significantly help with flooding in Geismar, Dutchtown and southern Prairieville.

We have the preliminary plans and funding of the Sorrento surge project which will be monumental for the Conway and Panama basin. The Sorrento station will also be upgraded. That will have a significant improvement for our Sorrento residents.

With the cooperation of Frank Bonifay, we have begun the Fish and Frog new lock system, which had been delayed for years. The Highway 74 project will allow the draining of the Bluff Swamp and Spanish Lake Basin into the Marvin Braud Basin for the first time ever!

We have also just recently secured $55 million dollars for the Marvin Braud Levee upgrades through Federal grants. The Marvin Braud surge protection project will prevent the Marvin Braud Station from the overtopping of waters, like what we saw happen in 2016.

Another first for our Parish is that we now have our own boat crews who are removing over 200 trees from our waterways with the help of the Chem Spray contract.

Beginning August of this year we will have successfully accomplished getting the removal of the scenic byway designation off of Manchac. This will allow it to be cleaned of trash which has been there for years. This will also give us the ability to push for channelization and dredging Manchac, which will significantly help Dutchtown and Prairieville. We have seen the improvements of this type of work with the completion of the Muddy Creek channelization project by our DPW crews to help our Prairieville residents.

Cointment-negotiated Floodplain Management Plan contract saves taxpayers $775,250

I’m thankful to Vice Chairman Melancon on finding a compromise that allowed us to save $775,250.00 on the HNTB study for a flood plain management plan. This will provide a flood plain management plan, 2D modeling of all our major channels and will be the framework on all of our future modeling efforts. This plan also includes working with the Administration and EADC to create 30 suggested drainage projects for the next 10 years.

And so many more small projects that have been completed that help improve drainage all over the parish. We know there is still work to be done, though we feel that over $100 million dollars of projects in 18 months is a good start!


Parish President Clint Cointment