1.5 mill property tax renewal for Council on Aging on ballot

Beginning tomorrow Ascension voters will decide whether or not to renew a 1.5 mill levied parish-wide to fund the parish’s Council on Aging.  The full text of the ballot proposition:

Shall the Parish Council of the Parish of Ascension, State of Louisiana, under the provisions of Article VI, Section 26(B) of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana of 1974 and other constitutional and statutory authority as applicable, be authorized to renew the levy and collection of an ad valorem tax of 1.5 mills on all property subject to taxation in the Parish (an estimated $2,361,000.00 reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the tax for an entire year) (the “Tax”), for a period of ten (10) years, beginning with the year 2024 and ending with the year 2033, to be dedicated and used for the purpose of paying the cost of programs for the elderly citizens of the Parish to be administered by the Parish through the Ascension Council on Aging, including services, operations, capital improvements, equipment and other lawful expenses related thereto?

Also on the ballot are property tax renewals funding six Lighting Districts for two years.

  • Road Lighting District No. 1 — 5 Mills Renewal – PC – 2 Yrs.  The election will be conducted exclusively within three west bank voting precincts (54,55, and 57)
  • Road Lighting District No. 2 — 5 Mills Renewal – PC – 2 Yrs. Precincts 50 and 55 on the west bank.
  • Road Lighting District No. 3 — 5 Mills Renewal – PC – 2 Yrs.  Precincts 52 and 53 on the west bank.
  • Road Lighting District No. 4 — 5 Mills Renewal – PC – 2 Yrs.  A single precinct votes in this one, 47.
  • Road Lighting District No. 5 — 5 Mills Renewal – PC – 2 Yrs.  Precincts 34 (the Town of Sorrento) and 35 eastward toward the Diversion Canal.
  • Road Lighting District No. 6 — 5 Mills Renewal – PC – 2 Yrs. Ten precincts; 30 and 37 in the City of Gonzales; 34/35-see above; 36 in Geismar, 39, 40  and 44; 65 in Gonzales at south of Hwy 30, west of Hwy 44; and 66 in the Pelican Point area.